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Sensory profile and acceptability of hibiscus drinks in Senegal: European and African cross cultural influence

Bechoff A., Cisse M., Fliedel G., Declemy A.L., Ayessou N., Akissoé N., Touré C., Bennett B., Pintado M., Pallet D., Tomlins K.I.. 2014. Singapore : s.n., 1 p.. SenseAsia 2014. The Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium, 2014-05-11/2014-05-13, Singapore (Singapour).

The sensory profile and consumer acceptance of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. drink (commercial and traditional) made from infusions of red calices of either local or Sudanese origin (pure or mixed) and either as syrup or infusion was explored. The acceptability of the drink was tested by European (n=60) and African consumers (n=100) in Dakar. Three classes of behaviour from the consumers were identified. There were a) those who preferred syrup (syrup likers; 43% of consumers) b) those who prefer infusions (infusion likers; 36% of consumers) and c) those who preferred all of the samples (indifferent likers; 21% of consumers). There were no differences in clusters in terms of Europeans or Africans percentages. However European consumers were more likely to be syrup likers, consume hibiscus drink the least often and purchase hibiscus infusion in bottles. Africans consumers were more likely to prefer infusion, consume hibiscus drink more frequently and purchase it in sachets. Both groups preferred to purchase natural hibiscus drink rather than flavoured ones. The sensory characteristics important to each group of consumers differed. For the indifferent likers, they were the least discerning consumers and their acceptance did not correlate with any of the sensory attributes. They will also be open to a wide variety of reengineered products. The syrup likers are more discerning and prefer syrup that are sweet and without irritant, bitter or acidic taste. Red colour was not considered to be important. The most discerning consumers were the infusion likers. They preferred hibiscus drinks that are red in colour, have the characteristic of an infusion (concentration) and have the taste and odour characteristic of hibiscus drink. (Texte intégral)

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