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Prospects for a certified mint supply chain in Morocco based on an assessment of consumers' willingness to pay

Faysse N., Raïs I., Ait El Mekki A., Jourdain D.. 2017. New Medit, 16 (2) : p. 47-54.

In Morocco, there is a weak control of the quality of fruits and vegetables on the domestic market. The present study assesses the prospects for a certified mint value chain (either complying with legal criteria of maximum residue level or using organic production), based on interviews with 368 consumers and with actors of the current mint value chain. Among the consumers interviewed, 43% had reduced their consumption of mint between 2005 and 2015 due to concerns over the quality of mint, and 68% stated that they were willing to double the price they paid for mint in urban markets to get mint that complies with legal norms. A majority of interviewed coffee shops managers and urban resellers of mint also expressed their interest in selling certified mint. Mint appears as a relevant product to test a certified food chain in Morocco.

Mots-clés : menthe; qualité; enquête auprès des consommateurs; agriculture biologique; produit biologique; certification; marché; zone urbaine; maroc

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