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Acceptability of improved hibiscus drinks by Senegalese consumers

Monteiro M.J.P., Cisse M., Fliedel G., Bechoff A., Costa A.I.A., Boucher M., Ayessou N., Pallet D., Tomlins K.I., Pintado M.. 2014. In : Report on the AFTER Congress: Promoting traditional African foods: innovations, quality and market access. Dakar : UCAD; CIRAD, 1 p.. AFTER Congress. 1, 2014-11-11/2014-11-12, Dakar (Sénégal).

Infusions and syrups made from calyces of Hibiscus var. sabdariffa are commonly consumed in West African countries, particularly in Senegal, where they are broadly known as jus de bissap. ¿ The sensory quality of a traditional Senegalese hibiscus infusion (CTi) and three new hibiscus drinks developed by the African Food Tradition Revisited by Research (AFTER) project ¿ an ultra-vacuum concentrate (UVc), an improved syrup (REs) and an improved infusion (REi) - was evaluated by a consumer sample (n=150) in Dakar in October and November 2013. Mean overall liking ratings show that all new drinks were liked slightly to moderately, as well as better appreciated than the traditional infusion. Derived clusters were highly related to participants' evaluations of sensory attributes, namely of sweet, acid and bissap taste intensities. New drinks were also characterized as traditional, healthy and nutritious. Multi-Factorial Analysis (MFA) plot shows a good agreement between Just-About-Right (JAR) ratings and Check-All-That-Apply (CATA) descriptor choices across all samples.

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