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Two novel Alphaflexiviridae members revealed by deep sequencing of the Vanilla (Orchidaceae) virome

Grisoni M., Marais A., Filloux D., Saison A., Faure C., Julian C., Theil S., Contreras S., Teycheney P.Y., Roumagnac P., Candresse T.. 2017. Archives of Virology, 162 (12) : p. 3855-3861.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-017-3540-9

The genomes of two novel viruses were assembled from 454 pyrosequencing data obtained from vanilla leaves from La Réunion. Based on genome organization and homologies, one agent was unambiguously classified as a member of the genus Potexvirus and named vanilla virus X (VVX). The second one, vanilla latent virus (VLV), is phylogenetically close to three unclassified members of the family Alphaflexiviridae with similarity to allexiviruses, and despite the presence of an additional 8-kDa open reading frame, we propose to include VLV as a new member of the genus Allexivirus. Both VVX and VLV were mechanically transmitted to vanilla plants, resulting in asymptomatic infections.

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