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Textual data science

Roche M.. 2017. In : LIRIMA Scientific Days 2017. Tunis : INRIA, 1 diaporama (43 vues). LIRIMA Scientific Days 2017, 2017-09-12/2017-09-14, Tunis (Tunisie).

The analysis of large volumes of data, in particular textual data, requires the use of methods that combine different disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, or statistics. All these methods represent the basis of "Textual Data Science". In this context, text-mining approaches enable to discover knowledge useful for experts of different domains (e.g. Epidemiology, Humanities, etc.). The talk will present some approaches and their implementation in order to deal with heterogenous textual data in the context of multidisciplinary projects. (Texte intégral)

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