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Anopheles vectors in Mainland China while approaching malaria elimination

Zhang S., Guo S., Feng X., Afelt A., Frutos R., Zhou S., Manguin S.. 2017. Trends in Parasitology, 33 (11) : p. 889-900.

China is approaching malaria elimination; however, well-documented information on malaria vectors is still missing, which could hinder the development of appropriate surveillance strategies and WHO certification. This review summarizes the nationwide distribution of malaria vectors, their bionomic characteristics, control measures, and related studies. After several years of effort, the area of distribution of the principal malaria vectors was reduced, in particular for Anopheles lesteri (synonym: An. anthropophagus) and Anopheles dirus s.l., which nearly disappeared from their former endemic regions. Anopheles sinensis is becoming the predominant species in southwestern China. The bionomic characteristics of these species have changed, and resistance to insecticides was reported. There is a need to update surveillance tools and investigate the role of secondary vectors in malaria transmission. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : hôte intermédiaire; distribution géographique; vecteur de maladie; anopheles; malaria; Éradication des maladies; chine; anopheles sinensis

Thématique : Organismes nuisibles des animaux; Maladies des animaux

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