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Preinfection events in the establishment of Alnus-Frankia symbiosis: Development of a spot inoculation technique

Vergnaud L., Chaboud A., Prin Y., Rougier M.. 1985. Plant and Soil, 87 (1) : p. 67-78.

The early biochemical and structural events associated with the infection of Alnus byFrankia are still largely unknown. These studies have been hampered by the difficulty of localizing precisely the site of inoculation on the root surface and of standardizing the inoculum dose. To facilitate these investigations, we describe a new spot inoculation method wellsuited to study the Alnus-Frankia system. This method involves the growth ofFrankia in the presence of microcarrier and their subsequent deposition on the alder root surface as an inoculum dose. The ability of this new procedure to induce nodulation close to the point of inoculation has been observed. (Résumé d'auteur)

Thématique : Physiologie végétale : croissance et développement; Biologie du sol; Foresterie - Considérations générales

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