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VectorNet: a pan-European approach towards a standardized data collection on distribution and abundance of vectors of medical and veterinary importance

Versteirt V., Alten B., Balenghien T., Medlock J., Schaffner F.. 2017. In : Miranda Chueca (ed.), Miguel Ángel (ed.), Alten, Bulent (ed.). Sove 2017 New technology conquering old vectors?. Palma de Mallorque : SOVE, p. 111-111. International SOVE congress: New technology conquering old vectors?. 7, 2017-10-01/2017-10-07, Palma de Mallorque (Espagne).

VectorNet (the European network for sharing data on the geographical distribution of arthropod vectors, transmitting human and animal diseases) started mid-2014 as the successor of VBORNET and is funded by both ECDC (the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and EFSA (European Food Safety Organisation). The network aims at bringing together both medical and veterinary entomologist as decision-makers in the public and animal health domain. It not only gathers published data on the distribution of vectors but actively collects data in the field (about 2/3th of the entire budget). By doing so the network focus on capacity building, strengthening of collaborations and the standardisation of data collection at the Pan-European level. After 3 years, a huge effort has been made and numerous field activities has taken place across Europe, setting the standards for future work. Besides all these activities, the network has assisted the funding agencies by providing scientific support for their opinion reports and requests from the European Commission. This presentation will deal with the past, ongoing and future activities, pitfalls and opportunities of such a network with focus on the major achievements. (Texte integral)

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