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Integrative models for joint analysis of shoot growth and branching patterns

Peyhardi J., Caraglio Y., Costes E., Lauri P.E., Trottier C., Guédon Y.. 2017. New Phytologist, 126 (4) : p. 1291-1304.

DOI: 10.1111/nph.14742

Plants exhibit dependences between shoot growth and branching that generate highly structured patterns. The characterization of the patterning mechanism is still an open issue because of the developmental processes involved with both succession of events (e.g. internode elongation, axillary shoot initiation and elongation) and complex dependences among neighbouring positions along the parent shoot. Statistical models called semi-Markov switching partitioned conditional generalized linear models were built on the basis of apple and pear tree datasets. In these models, the semi-Markov chain represents both the succession and lengths of branching zones, whereas the partitioned conditional generalized linear models represent the influence of parent shoot growth variables on axillary productions within each branching zone. Parent shoot growth variables were shown to influence specific developmental events. On this basis, the growth and branching patterns of two apple tree (Malus domestica) cultivars, as well as of pear trees (Pyrus spinosa) between two successive growing cycles, were compared. The proposed integrative statistical models were able to decipher the roles of successive developmental events in the growth and branching patterning mechanisms. These models could incorporate other parent shoot explanatory variables, such as the local curvature or the maximum growth rate of the leaf. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : malus pumila; pyrus; croissance; feuille; morphologie végétale; ramification; méthode statistique; modèle mathématique; pyrus spinosa

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