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Territories and global challenges

Valette E., Pesche D., Tonneau J.P.. 2017. In : Caron Patrick (ed.), Valette Elodie (ed.), Wassenaar Tom (ed.), Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge Geo (ed.), Papazian V (ed.). Living territories to transform the world. Versailles : Ed. Quae; AFD, p. 23-26. (Agricultures et défis du monde).

Territories and their interdependencies are experiencing a reorganization in the wake of globalization. Traditional North-South divides are becoming blurred and new dynamics are at work in the context of pressing global challenges, such as climate change, and of structural changes such as population growth, urbanization and their impact on resources. This chapter presents an overview of the main global challenges that are currently affecting territories and their evolutive trajectories, whether local, regional or national. We focus in particular on Africa, illustrating how economic dynamics are accompanied by the emergence or reinforcement of territorial disparities.

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