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Innovating and efficient network to promote metrology between universities and research institutes: QuaRES case in Montpellier, France

Martin L., Dollé V., Mas L., El Kaim Y., Grevesse C., Morin P., Doulbeau S., Cotteux E., Deleligne N., Calchera G.. 2012. Marrakech : s.n., 1 p.. International Metrology Conference CAFMET 2012, 2012-04-23/2012-04-27, Marrakech (Maroc).

Since 2003, the group ¿Quality and research in Languedoc¿, which brings together quality experts of public institutions of the region, has proposed to the members of its institutions an annual quality school: session of awarness and training to quality programs, metrology in research, and more recently higher education. In 2005, the quality group has decided to sustain its action and to organize its body in an association form for the development of quality, including metrology. This project was recognized by France Qualité Publique which has awarded the project its ¿regional quality observatory¿ label in 2006. This label was renewed in 2009. Currently, the organization offers workshops and training, specifically those related to the control of measurement and metrological management in research laboratories. It also offers a system of crossed inter-organizational audits to improve existing metrology cells. The association has now extended its activities at national level and organizes some international workshops in north African and Mediterranean countries. (Résumé d'auteur)

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