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Acceptability of re-engineered Kong products by consumers of African origin living in France

Fliedel G., Maraval I., Lahon M.C., Forestier N., Grabulos J., Boucher M., Ayessou N., Pintado M., Tomlins K.I.. 2015. In : D 5.4.2. ¿Report on near-market consumer testing of new improved products and substitutes in Europe¿. Project AFTER ¿African Food Tradition rEvisited by Research¿.. s.l. : Union Européenne, 14 p..

Consumer acceptance of three re-engineered Kong products compared to a traditional one was explored. No difference was observed among the re-engineered products regarding their overall acceptability (average score of 6-7: like slightly-like moderately). The traditional one differed from the three others with a least score of 4.9. Three groups of consumers were identified using a Cluster Analysis: Re-engineered Kong likers (34%), Traditional Kong dislikers (25%) and Kong indifferent likers (42%). The most liked Kong product was the liquid smoke re-engineered one (KRLS) for 69% of traditional Kong dislikers, while it was as most liked as the salted re-engineered one (KRS) for 78% of all likers. The least liked Kong product was the traditional one (KT) for 37% of Kong indifferent likers, 91% of re-engineered Kong likers, and for 56 % of traditional Kong dislikers. A majority of consumers would most likely buy this product if easily available: 81% of Kong likers, 68% of Re-engineered Kong likers and 50% of Traditional Kong dislikers.

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