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Inoculation of two selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae during cocoa beans fermentation process : effect on the aroma quality of raw cocoa material and sensorial properties of resulted chocolate

Assi-Clair B.J., Guehi T.S., Koné M.K., Lahon M.C., Berthiot L., Durand N., Lebrun M., Julien-Ortiz A., Maraval I., Boulanger R.. 2017. Turin : s.n., 1 poster. International Conference on Cocoa Coffee and Tea 2017. 4, 2017-06-25/2017-06-28, Turin (Italie).

Fermentation is an essential post-harvest treatment for the raw cocoa production. Yeasts play an important role in the development of chocolate aroma compounds and for the improvement of raw cocoa aroma quality during the process. To study this impact, two selected strains S. cerevisiae A and B were inoculated in ambient environment to fresh beans and the formation of key aroma compounds and sensorial properties of final products were analyzed.

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