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Assessing the impact of self-incompatibility on cocoa trees in Cameroon

Sounigo O., Eyango M.C., Ebaiarrey H.E., Akongwni N.N., Efombagn M.I.B., Cilas C., Lanaud C.. 2017. In : Booklet of abstracts of the first International Symposium on Cocoa Research ISCR 2017. Lima : ICCO, p. 220-220. International Symposium on Cocoa Research ¿ ISCR 2017 : Promoting Advances in Research to Enhance the Profitability of Cocoa Farming. 1, 2017-11-13/2017-11-17, Lima (Pérou).

The agronomical performances of self-compatible trees with the ones of selfincompatible trees, both types of trees belonging to the same full-sib progenies, compared in a progeny trial plot set up in 2005, in the south western region of Cameroon. Self-compatible trees showed a slightly higher level of yield than the selfincompatible ones, but these differences were not significant in our experimental conditions. The two types of trees were found similar for the other traits under assessment: vigor, yield efficiency, tolerance to black pod disease, pod and bean traits. The consequences of these results for cocoa breeding are discussed in this paper.

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