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Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in cattle at the wildlife/livestock/human interface in Northern Kwazulu-Natal province, South Africa

Sichewo P.R., Etter E., Michel A.L.. 2017. In : Lobetti Remo (ed.). Proceedings of the 9th Veterinary, ParaVeterinary and SASVEPM congress 24-27 July 2017. s.l. : SAVA; SASVEPM, p. 331-331. 9th Veterinary, Paraveterinary and SASVEPM congress2017, 2017-07-24/2017-07-27, Boksburg (Afrique du Sud).

Bovine tuberculosis (BTB) is a chronic respiratory disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium bovis.Bovine tuberculosis is a significant disease of livestock in developing countries especially in Africa. Although cattle are known as the primary host, wildlife animals such as the African buffalo tend to serve as maintenance host and this has a potential to spill over to cattle. A cross sectional study was carried out in UMkhanyakude communal area to determine the prevalence of BTB in cattle at the wildlife/livestock/human interface. Whole blood was collected from 380 cattle and a prevalence of 14% was determined using a modified commercial interferon-gamma assay. Additional confirmatory tests are needed to culture and genotype isolates from positive cattle and compare with isolates from wildlife so as to monitor BTB transmission at the interface. (Texte intégral)

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