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Farmers' perception on impact of drought and their preference for sorghum cultivars in Burkina Faso

Ouedraogo N., Sanou J., Kam H., Traore H., Adam M., Gracen V., Danquah E.Y.. 2017. Agricultural Science Research Journal, 7 (9) : p. 277-284.

Sorghum production in Burkina Faso relies on small scale farmers. Unfortunately, many suffer from drought caused by erratic rainfall during the rainy season. The importance of understanding farmers' perception on impact of drought and different ways to manage it is necessary. Participatory rural approach (PRA) using a focus group discussion and semi-structured interviews with 340 farmers was conducted in six districts located in two agro ecological zones. The study investigated famers' perceptions on sorghum production constraints with emphasis on drought impact, drought management, sorghum varieties farmers grow and their traits of choice. Results showed Striga (Striga hermontica) is the major constraint limiting sorghum production. Drought was the second factor reducing sorghum yield and was the most important abiotic constraint. Farmers showed a good empirical knowledge about drought and indicated that post-flowering drought was recurrent but less damaging than other types of drought. To alleviate drought effect, farmers employed different methods including cultural practices, soil and water conservation, use early maturity materials and prayers for rain. Until now, farmers rely more on their local landraces than improved varieties for sorghum production and want high yielding varieties that withstand drought, have white grain color and are high edible. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : sorghum bicolor; striga hermonthica; choix des variétés; variété; approches participatives; agriculteur; perceptions; sécheresse; sorghum; burkina faso

Thématique : Troubles divers des plantes; Météorologie et climatologie; Population rurale

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