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Migration drivers complexes: an historical perspective

Mercandalli S.. 2017. In : Mercandalli Sara (ed.), Losch Bruno (ed.). Rural Africa in motion. Dynamics and drivers of migration South of the Sahara. Rome : FAO; CIRAD, p. 42-43.

The history of migration between rural South Mozambique and South Africa, from colonial times to independence and post-apartheid, shows how migration patterns of rural families deeply evolve over time. Shifting and relatively complex combinations of drivers, rooted in the regional political economy and a range of more local and social factors, result in a strong and sometimes very quick adaptation capacity of rural migrants. In the last 15 years, renewed migration drivers and patterns have resulted in a growing differentiation of rural livelihoods.

Mots-clés : migration; population rurale; histoire; mozambique; afrique du sud

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