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Unpredictable but manageable futures

Bourgeois R.. 2017. In : Mercandalli Sara (ed.), Losch Bruno (ed.). Rural Africa in motion. Dynamics and drivers of migration South of the Sahara. Rome : FAO; CIRAD, p. 46-47.

The complexity of the drivers of rural migration in SSA makes it impossible to predict how many people will migrate, why, who they will be, or where they will go. Yet, it is possible to explore how this complex system of interdependent forces could evolve, and to engage in proactive decisions and actions. SSA rural migrants are unlikely to be in a favorable position to migrate out of Africa. This poses a great challenge for the future prosperity of the continent: migration by necessity or by choice?

Mots-clés : migration; population rurale; dynamique des populations; afrique au sud du sahara; afrique

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