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Climate change policies for agricultural sector in Honduras: synergy, trade off and coordination failure among sub-sector and scale

Le Coq J.F., De Varax M., Andrieu N., Howland F.. 2017. Montevideo : UDELAR, 1 p.. Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencia Politica. 9, 2017-07-26/2017-07-28, Montevideo (Uruguay).

Climate change adaptation has become a stringent issue for rural development. To tackle this issue, Latin American countries developed specific policies frameworks. However, effective implementation of these policies remains limited and is facing challenges regarding cross sector and cross scale coordination. This communication analyses the case of the policies conducive to climate smart agriculture (CSA) in Honduras which intend to address mitigation, adaptation and food security. Using on a multilevel and multi sectorial approach, we analyze the relevant policy frameworks, the interventions of public and private actors at national, regional and local level s that are supporting farmers' adoption of CSA practices. Whilst the large set of national policy frameworks show somehow limited coherency in their rational and objective, we evidence at implementation a larger diversity of actions promoted by public but also private (cooperation, civil society) actors, that differs regarding their mode of actions, and types of actions promoted. We also evidence information and coordination gaps as well as tension among actors among sectors and level regarding the actions to support CSA. We finally identify rooms for higher synergy among current actions and frameworks.

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