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A geography of rooftop agriculture in 20 projects

De Zeeuw H., Komisar J., Sanyé-Mengual E., Kahane R., Gianquinto G., Geoffriau E., Sia C.S., Rodríguez-Delfí A., Tawk S.T., El Omari H., Shah S., Montero J.I., Vishwanath B.N., Hegde R., Iori L., Banhazl J., Horne C., Osman S., Schuck C.P., Puri V., Bass B., Coleman E.P., Somerville C., Fabrega P., Pember M., Asselin A., Omar R., Nagai S.E., Chong-Phoon L., Lim A., Lloyd M., Liu S., Ruiz G.S., Throness A.. 2017. In : Orsini Francesco (ed.), Dubbeling Marielle (ed.), de Zeeuw Henk (ed.), Gianquinto Giorgio (ed.). Rooftop urban agriculture. Cham : Springer, p. 309-382. (Urban Agriculture).

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-57720-3_19

In this chapter, selected cases of rooftop agriculture across the world will be presented, explaining their organisation, technical design and operation, their business model and main functions , lessons learned during establishment and operation, their productive and societal results and their policy relevance . The owner or manager of the rooftop garden or farm and an independent researcher were involved in documenting the cases, When selecting the cases, we tried to include examples of the various types of rooftop agriculture presented in previous chapters. We also sought to include cases from all continents. Accordingly, a comprehensive list of most relevant rooftop agriculture experience across the world is presented, following an alphabetical order by city. For each case, the names of main informants (case study representatives) are listed altogether with the name of the author that coordinated data collection.

Mots-clés : agriculture urbaine; jardin familial; Étude de cas; ville

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