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Characterization of Buffalo veal supply chain in villages around Cairo

El-Asheeri A.K., Abdelghany S., Alary V., Corniaux C., Radwan M.A.A.. 2017. Egyptian Journal of Animal Production, 54 (2) : p. 105-109.

This study aims to characterize buffalo veal supply chain in 5 villages around Cairo. Value chain approach was applied to analyze veal supply chain using the data of 82 farmers, 4 traders and 4 butchers. Economic analysis was applied to different scenarios of raising calves using buffalo milk, cow milk or milk replacer. Survey analysis showed that 65% of farmers sold veal as early as possible. However, 61% of farmers sold their calves for economic reasons, 14 % for technical reasons and 25 % for both economic and technical reasons. Survey analysis showed the high demand on veal meat due to its unique quality. Technical and economic pressures on farmers motivate them to sell veal. Buffalo veal chain provides farmers with money to cover their needs, offers jobs through the whole year. Many butchers and traders prefer to slaughter veal due to the low price of veal compared with older or heavier cattle. Economic analysis of different alternatives to raise calves proved the feasibility of using milk replacer compared with cow or buffalo milk. Slaughtering veal, lack of finance and training programs to raise buffalo calves decreased the contribution of buffaloes in Egyptian meat market. High demand of veal meat and veal selling decision sustain the veal supply chain around Cairo. This study confirms that all chain actors and the related enterprises should be considered to set new regulations for the current veal chain.

Mots-clés : analyse économique; lait de bufflesse; lait de vache; enquête; circuit de commercialisation; viande de veau; buffle africain; Égypte; filière

Thématique : Elevage - Considérations générales; Agro-industrie; Economie de la production

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