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Strengthening the capacity of irrigation schemes to cope with flood through improved maintenance: A collaborative approach to analySe the case of Chókwè, Mozambique

Ducrot R., Leite M., Gentil C., Bouarfa S., Rollin D., Famba S.. 2018. Irrigation and Drainage : 13 p..

Large?scale irrigation schemes, which are often developed in flood plains, overvalue technical expertise and the control of natural hazards and are particularly vulnerable to flooding, but there has been limited study on the impact of floods on irrigation functioning. Using a transdisciplinary approach developed in the Chokwe Irrigation Scheme during the 2013 post?flood recovery period, we analysed the impact of flooding on the scheme with a focus on maintenance. We argue that the flood crisis provided windows of opportunity to reconsider maintenance procedures by rethinking the relations and responsibilities between actors in this large?scale irrigation scheme; but the robustness of the system can only be increased if the changes strengthen the collective action capacity.

Mots-clés : mozambique

Thématique : Irrigation; Ressources en eau et leur gestion

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