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Development of MetaXplor: a viral metagenomics database. P29

Filloux D., Petel A., Sempere G., Claverie S., Lefeuvre P., Mahe F., Roumagnac P.. 2018. In : Book of abstract Pathobiome 2018. Ajaccio : INRA, p. 50-50. Pathobiome, 2018-03-18/2018-03-20, Ajaccio (France).

Recent metagenomics-based studies have identified hundreds of unknown viruses living in environmental and ornamental hosts. While genomic, transcriptomic and metagenomic next generation sequencing (NGS) datasets are exponentially increasing, a large part of the virus-related sequences is probably still missed because (i) bioinformatics tools are still under-developed and (ii) our scientific community does not always share datasets. It is therefore crucial to better share, clean, store and analyze these datasets in order to better describe and characterize the virus diversity. In order to fulfill this objective, we have developed a novel Web-accessible NoSQL database ¿ called MetaXplor ¿ that archives reads and contigs obtained from viral metagenomics studies. This database also displays modules of (i) geolocalization of the samples, (ii) searches using similaritybased method (BLAST approaches), (iii) searches using Keywords:, and (iv) phylogenetic placements of the reads on reference phylogenetic trees.

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