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Diversity of innovation processes in the Niayes market gardening system (Senegal): between conventional intensification and agro-ecological transition

Dugué P., Michel I., Kettela V., Simon S.. 2018. In : Temple Ludovic (ed.), Comparé Sawadogo Eveline M.F.W. (ed.). Innovation processes in agro-ecological transitions in developing countries. Londres : ISTE; Wiley, p. 117-140. (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series, Innovation in Engineering and Technology Set, 2).

Development of the vegetable sector in Senegal has been based on technical innovations such as motor pumping use of inputs net-shades etc. A survey of 22 market gardeners in Southern Senegal in the Niayes has highlighted the diversity of innovation processes and related factors that drive it. Exchanges between vegetable exporters and market gardeners in the same area have enabled the adoption of localized (drip) irrigation. The use of natural inputs (bio pesticides, repellents, organic fertilizers) answers to an ¿agro-ecological¿ specification and is promoted by NGOs Ultimately different vegetable crop combinations have been designed and adopted by Innovative gardeners to address the reduction of surface area although these have not yet been "disseminated¿. These examples highlight the capacities of West African, farmers to innovate and adapt .They question the type of methods and tools needing to be developed order to accompany these processes without limiting the creativity of farmers or the flexibility and performance or local innovation system that they create.

Mots-clés : horticulture; adoption de l'innovation; agriculture intensive; agroécologie; biopesticide; engrais organique; répulsif; culture associée; sénégal

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