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AquaStress. D5.3-3. Design and Application of Virtual and Real Tests ¿ General Framework, Comparison and Insights Gained

Bots P., Daniell K.A., Dionnet M., Jamin J.Y., Koundouri P., Maraux F.. 2008. Montpellier : CIRAD, 29 p..

This deliverable discusses the notion of ¿option testing¿. It first presents the general framework used in the AquaStress project to test and evaluate water stress mitigation options. It reviews, analyses and compares three experiences in which virtual and real tests have been carried out: an integrated technology mitigation option (Tadla case study, Morocco), an economic option (Przemsza case study, Poland) and a procedural option (Vecht case study, The Netherlands). It does not present the results of these tests (these will be described in case studies' final reports) but focuses on the way in which the water stress mitigation options have been tested. For each case, the case context, the purpose of the mitigation option, and the objective of the test are outlined, followed by the test characteristics (level of field implementation, level of user involvement, risk of test damage, external factor consideration, and the risk of ¿false negatives¿ and ¿false positives¿) and the evaluation criteria used. The review makes clear that testing is very contextspecific. It also suggests that the learning by (potential) option users involved in testing is an important co-determinant of the eventual outcome. The framework proposed in this document can support test designers in their reflection.

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