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AquaStress. D5.3-4. Report on the Actual Experience and Lessons Learned with Virtual Test In Morocco

Dionnet M., Fusillier J.L., Jamin J.Y., Kuper M.. 2008. Montpellier : CIRAD, 20 p..

This deliverable discusses the evaluation of the participatory process implemented in the Tadla test site of the Aquastress project. Such process aimed to develop, test and evaluate joint drip irrigation projects with smallholder farmers, as an innovative mitigation option for the test area. Our idea was to create a sustainable social learning environment for the farmers to acquire adaptive knowledge on new irrigation technology, on designing and managing a joint irrigation project, while improving negotiation capacities. We developed an evaluation framework to assess the process, outputs and outcomes of the application of our approach with four groups of smallholder farmers of the Tadla irrigation scheme (Morocco). Findings show that the learning environment allows the negotiation of knowledge differential between stakeholders and the co-production of knowledge that can be mobilized by small-scale farmers to make better informed decisions on whether or not to engage in a joint irrigation project, and - once decided to go ahead - to develop and implement such a project. We expect that this will ultimately contribute to supporting the shift from state water to community water, by a shared understanding of the technical, economic and social issues and options related to irrigation water management. This should, at the end, support farmers to better overcome current water scarcity. Results herewith presented will be submitted to the Special Feather on public participation process evaluation for the Ecology & Society journal.

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