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Kinetics of rice husk char gasification in an H2O or a CO2 atmosphere

Nguyen H.N., Van de Steene L., Le D.D.. 2018. Energy Sources. Part A, Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 40 (14) : p. 1701-1713.

DOI: 10.1080/15567036.2018.1486900

Rice husk gasification has been attracting increasing attention in rice-producing countries, but the technology has not yet achieved optimal efficiency. Only a few studies have reported on the gasification kinetics of rice husk char, and the influence of some important parameters has not yet been investigated. This paper provides an experimental database and kinetic models of gasification of a rice husk char particle in an H2O or a CO2 atmosphere. A complete parametric study of rice husk char gasification was performed in a wide range of operating conditions, relevant to those that exist in industrial gasifiers. Two kinetic models were developed to predict the conversion of a particle, taking into account changes in the reactive surface. Results of this study could help researchers and engineers in the design, modeling or optimization of a new efficient rice husk gasifier.

Mots-clés : riz; gazéification; oxyde de carbone; vapeur d'eau; biomasse; modèle de simulation; déchet agricole; traitement des déchets; viet nam

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