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First record of Moissonia importunitas as a pest of rattle box (Crotalaria spp.) in Réunion Island (Hemiptera, Miridae)

Ratnadass A., Soler A., Chabanne A., Tullus R.G., Técher P., Le Bellec F., Marnotte P., Streito J.C., Matocq A.. 2018. Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France, 123 (1) : p. 59-64.

The plant bug Moissonia importunitas (Distant¿ 1910) is reported for the first time from Réunion Island¿ where it severely damages rattle box (Crotalaria) species currently evaluated as potential service plants (particularly for soil fertility enhancement and nematode management) to be included in pineapple¿ sugarcane and fruit tree cropping systems¿ in an agroecological transition perspective. This pest was found at high population levels both in the south (Saint-Pierre) and the north (Sainte-Marie) of the island. The effects of some technical levers (e.g. choice of rattle box species¿ planting date¿ crop mixture¿ application of non-chemical plant protection products) as potential control options against this pest must be assessed before Crotalaria spp. are either promoted or ruled out as service plants in Reunionese cropping systems.

Mots-clés : réunion; france

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