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Effect of moisture content on specific cutting energy consumption in Corymbia citriodora and Eucalyptus urophylla woods

Nascimento D.F.R., de Lima Melo L.E., Moreira da Silva J.R., Trugilho P.F., Napoli A.. 2017. Scientia Forestalis, 45 (113) : p. 221-227.

DOI: 10.18671/scifor.v45n113.22

The effects of various moisture conditions on the specific cutting energy of the longitudinal cut (90º-0º) in Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake and Corymbia citriodora Hill & Johnson were studied. The boards were submitted, in triplicate, to three different moisture contents: 2% (kiln dried), 12% (equilibrium moisture content in an air conditioning room) and 75% (saturated in water submersion).The material was processed with a circular saw to obtain the specific cutting energy consumption of the longitudinal cut (90º-0º). The data obtained were submitted to analysis of variance, F test and Scott-Knott test, at 5% of significance. The results showed no influence of the species on the specific cutting energy. However, the moisture content significantly influences the specific cutting energy .There was a 44% increase in the specific cutting energy consumption with moisture content reduced from 75% (saturated condition) to 12% (equilibrium condition) and 54% reduction in cutting force when wood dried from 12% to 2% (dry condition) moisture.

Mots-clés : bois; scie; teneur en eau; eucalyptus urophylla; brésil; corymbia citriodora

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