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Creating share values in agroforestry systems based on coffee and cocoa cluster. AI Propis /CIRAD Projet matrice Nicaragua. Exploratory survey mission report

Penot E., Snoeck D., Vagneron I.. 2017. Montpellier : CIRAD, 64 p..

The main tasks of the mission are: 1.Rapid assessment of the coffee value chain, with a specific focus on: a.Family farms, their constraints and operation; b.Value chain stakeholders (collectors, plantations, producer organizations, exporters, etc.); c. Business relationships/modes of coordination between the stakeholders; 2.Quick survey of coffee smallholder agroforestry management practices. Main constraints and opportunities associated with the current practices; 3.Mapping of alternative trade networks and certification systems developed in the area. 4.Assessment of the specific relationships developed by La Cumplida in Nicaragua (possible comparison with other initiatives aimed at developing AFSs); 5.Identification of adapted R&D devices to support potentially valid AFS systems.

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