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Horticultural production in Burkina Faso: A comprehensive socio-economic analysis

Sanfo S., Barbier B., Zangré B.V.C.A.. 2017. Irrigation and Drainage, 66 (5) : p. 828-841.

DOI: 10.1002/ird.2158

This study assessed the horticultural sector of Burkina Faso thanks to a national database containing data collected by the agricultural statistical service. A socio-economic analysis shed light on some of the determinants of production. The data show that the sector is very much undercapitalized with little use of inputs or agricultural equipment. The vast majority of market gardeners use hand tools to produce small quantities of market garden produce. Women account for one quarter of plot managers and most producers are young and illiterate. Production is organized informally. Government support is rare because production is scattered over a multitude of small locations around small reservoirs, rivers and in lowlands. The study calls into question a number of misconceptions and makes some recommendations.

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