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Introduction: Innovation processes in agro-ecological transitions of developing countries

Temple L., Compaore Sawadogo E.M.F.W.. 2018. In : Temple Ludovic (ed.), Compaore Sawadogo Eveline M.F.W. (ed.). Innovation processes in agro-ecological transitions in developing countries. Londres : ISTE; Wiley, p. XIII-XIX. (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series, Innovation in Engineering and Technology Set, 2).

DOI: 10.1002/9781119476924.fmatter

In this book, the core problem concerns the interactions between changes in innovation models, the institutional condition of production system greening and the social consequences. Six innovation processes are, analyzed in the agricultures of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Haiti, Madagascar and Senegal, respectively. Chapter 7 analyzes the extent to which the lack of full agricultural policy explains the failure of technology transfer based on capital intensification. These situations converge to demonstrate that collaborative innovation models are particularly useful for development, as they adapt the studied processes to local needs. These models imply more commitment from public policy innovation in the agricultural sector, mainly food, in order to regulate the market and encourage funding of infrastructure and investment in production.

Mots-clés : agroécologie; système de culture; pays en développement; burkina faso; côte d'ivoire; madagascar; haïti

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