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Dynamic of rubber production in Northeast Thailand: A case study at Subsomboon village, Doonsard sub-district, Kranuan district, Khon Kaen province

Kullawong S., Aditto S., Chambon B., Promkhambut A.. 2018. Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal, 46 (1) : p. 239-248.

This research aim to study changes in rubber production and farmers' practices at Subsomboon village, Doonsard sub-district, Kranuan district, Khon Kaen province since the promotion of rubber plantation. Data were collected by using literature review, semi-structured interview (SSI) with Key-informants (KIs) using sub-topics and interviewing with a sample of 30 accessible rubber farmers using a closed ended questionnaire. It was found that rubber production in the area could be divided into 3 periods including the first period: Beginning of rubber cultivation (1992-2003) farmers started rubber plantation with government support for the production inputs and knowledge, the second period: Rubber booming (2004-2011) where the area of rubber dramatically increased mostly by farmer' s own investment and partly supported by the government and the third period: Declining of rubber (2012-present), when limited expansion of new rubber area was farmers own investment and no rubber replanting in some farms. Moreover, the study found that there are different practices among farmers at each period showing the adaptation of farmers in their plots according to the situation of family condition and rubber production in each period.

Mots-clés : caoutchouc; hévéa; pratique agricole; plantation; agriculture intensive; investissement privé; adaptation; exploitation agricole familiale; thaïlande

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