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A cooperação do Brasil na América Latina e no Caribe

Lopes Filho M.A., Sabourin E., Sayago D.. 2018. In : Sabourin Eric (ed.), Grisa Catia (ed.). A difusão de políticas brasileira para agricultura familiar na América Latina e Caribe. Porto Alegre : Escritos Editora, p. 34-53.

This chapter explores the theme of the presence of family farming in the agenda of South-South cooperation in Brazil, especially with Latin American and the Caribbean countries. The goal of the research project "Transbrazil", funded by CNPq, is to determine the role and modalities of regional dissemination by Brazil of the "models" of public policies for family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean.The main hypothesis of the project is that these policies, although depending on the transfer of a "Brazilian model", present an "hybridization" of diverse influences more or less intertwined: a) democratic transition that have open windows of opportunity for local social movements, in particular the indigenous movements and agroecology network in Ecuador and Central America; b) conditionalities linked to the financing of international organizations for Rural Territories Development programs (RTD) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development; c) promotion or intermediation by international organizations and/or inter-American continental linked to agriculture and development.

Mots-clés : petite exploitation agricole; politique agricole; sécurité alimentaire; coopération internationale; problème social; agroécologie; peuple autochtone; organisation internationale; coopération sud-sud; brésil; Équateur; amérique latine; caraïbes

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