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Wood natural durability study source of biomolecules: case of Dicorynia guianensis Amsh. heartwood

Say Anouhe J.B., Amissa Adima A., bobelé Niamké F., Stien D., Kassi Amian B., Virieux D., Pirat J.L., Kati-Coulibaly S., Amusant N.. 2016. Lisbonne : IRG, 19 p.. Annual Meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG47). 47, 2016-05-15/2016-05-19, Lisbonne (Portugal).

The chemical investigations of Dicorynia Guianensis heartwood led to the isolation of four new indole alkaloids for the first time in this plant Compound (1) identified as spiroindolone 2',3',4',9' -tetrahydrospiro [indoline-3,1'pyrido[3,4-b]-indol ]- 2- one, and compound (3) described as nitrone 1-methyl-4,9 -dihydro-3H-pyrido [3, 4-b] indole 2 ¿oxide and were isolated for the first time as natural products ABTS antio xydant activity guided their isolation and showed the potential of these compounds in industrial sectors.

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