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Novel circular DNA viruses associated with Apiaceae and Poaceae from South Africa and New Zealand

Richet C., Kraberger S., Filloux D., Bernardo P., Harkins G.W., Martin D.P., Roumagnac P., Varsani A.. 2019. Archives of Virology, 164 (1) : p. 237-242.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-018-4031-3

Advances in molecular techniques used in viral metagenomics coupled with high throughput sequencing is rapidly expanding our knowledge of plant-associated virus diversity. Applying such approaches, we have identified five novel circular replication-associated protein (Rep)-encoding single-stranded (CRESS) DNA viruses from Poaceae and Apiaceae plant from South Africa and New Zealand. These viruses have a simple genomic organization, including two open reading frames that likely encode a Rep and a capsid protein (CP), a conserved nonanucleotide motif on the apex of a putative stem loop structure, and conserved rolling-circle replication and helicase motifs within their likely Rep: all suggesting that they replicate through rolling-circle replication. The Reps and the CPs putatively encoded by these five novel viruses share low to moderate degrees of similarity (22.1 - 44.6%) with other CRESS DNA viruses.

Mots-clés : afrique du sud; nouvelle-zélande

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