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Variability of household fuelwood consumption in a rural Sudano-Sahelian context in Burkina Faso

Kouamé Koffi C., Gazull L., Gautier D.. 2018. Energy for Sustainable Development, 47 : p. 75-83.

DOI: 10.5061/DRYAD.234/1

DOI: 10.1016/j.esd.2018.09.001

Over 90% of the rural population in sub-Saharan Africa still relies on fuelwood as their primary source of household energy. In this context, recent robust data on fuelwood consumption in rural areas are needed to conceive and implement appropriate energy policies. This paper identifies the factors that determine fuelwood consumption variability in two villages in Burkina Faso, based on a two-year survey of 60 rural households of different size and wealth status. The women who made up the panel were surveyed at five-day intervals over a period of three months in the rainy season, one month in the cold dry season and one month in the hot dry season. Our results corroborate some fuelwood consumption patterns in rural SSA: fuelwood consumption per adult equivalent decreases both with the size of the household and with local wood scarcity. Conversely, it challenges the idea that the level of consumption is correlated with the level of household wealth. Finally, the most important result is that the scarcity of wood resources leads people to buy fuelwood from outside and adopt strategies to reduce their consumption by reducing the number of cooking cycles and certainly by wasting less energy, whatever the level of household wealth.

Mots-clés : bois de chauffage; consommation d'énergie; ressource énergétique; ressource forestière; consommation des ménages; niveau de vie; saisonnalité; burkina faso

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