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Environmental stewardship and ecological solidarity: Rethinking social?ecological interdependency and responsibility

Mathevet R., Bousquet F., Larrère C., Larrère R.. 2018. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 31 (5) : p. 605-623.

This paper explores and discusses the various meanings of the stewardship concept in the field of sustainability science. We highlight the increasing differences between alternative approaches to stewardship and propose a typology to enable scientists and practitioners to more precisely identify the basis and objectives of the concept of stewardship. We first present the two dimensions we used to map the diversity of stances concerning stewardship. Second, we analyse these positions in relation to the limits of the systemic approach, ideological manipulation, responsibility, and solidarity. In the final section we explain how the concept of ecological solidarity, a core principal in recent French law on biodiversity conservation and national park governance can contribute to the underpinning of a specific form of social-ecological stewardship.

Mots-clés : Écosystème; sociologie; durabilité; conservation de la diversité biologique; Écologie; Éthique; environnement

Thématique : Conservation de la nature et ressources foncières; Sociologie rurale et sécurité sociale; Ecologie végétale; Ecologie animale

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