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Farmers organisations and quality chains in Vietnam: Promoting information and cooperation

In all countries, demand for quality food is on the increase. Governments and multinationals are promulgating rules and standards regarding production conditions, inspections and certification. But smallholders often struggle to meet such conditions and to take advantage of these new opportunities. Vietnam provides a good example of this issue. Demand for safe and tasty food is rapidly increasing in domestic and international markets. Family farmers cultivating small areas - the vast majority of producers ¿ cannot meet this demand adequately, despite active public policies in favour of quality. What can be done to remedy this situation?

Mots-clés : comportement du consommateur; commercialisation; légume; viande bovine; riz; Étude de cas; norme; réglementation des marchés; qualité; politique sanitaire; biosécurité; produit alimentaire; intervention de l'état; exploitation agricole familiale; viet nam; filière agro-alimentaire; sécurité des aliments; politique publique

Thématique : Commerce, commercialisation et distribution; Législation; Economie de la consommation; Composition des produits alimentaires

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