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Labor Impacts of Large Agricultural Investments: focus on Mozambique, Kenya and Madagascar?

Burnod P., Reys A., Mercandalli S., Anseeuw W., Giger M., Kiteme B., Ralandison T.. 2018. In : 19th Annual Conference on Land and Poverty. Washington : World Bank, 24 p.. Annual Conference on Land and Poverty. 19, 2018-03-20/2018-03-24, Washington (Etats-Unis).

What are the direct impacts of large-scale agricultural investments with regards labor creation? This paper compares the employment impacts of large private farming enterprises in Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar (at both territorial level and between LSAI across countries). Using a common methodology, a total of 1,650 households were randomly selected and interviewed in impacted areas (buffer zones around the large farming enterprises) and in counterfactual zones. Impacts of the enterprises in terms of quantity and quality of jobs created and household living conditions are analysed according to the business models of the enterprises, based, inter alia, on the crops produced and its intensity of labor requirements. Results show that overall job creation in the 3 sites is significant at regional level, very different according business model but not higher than family farming when calculated per cultivated hectares. The quality and attractiveness of jobs depends again on regional and business model level. The jobs often benefit the most vulnerable segments of the population: poor households, migrants, youth and / or women. This can be seen as a benefit in terms of poverty reduction or critically considered as the direct result of the absence of alternatives for the most vulnerable. All these results help to inform decision-makers on the models of agriculture to be promoted.

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