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Grain legume¿cereal intercropping systems

Bedoussac L., Journet E.P., Hauggaard-Nielsen H., Naudin C., Corre Hellou G., Justes E.. 2018. In : Sivasankar Shoba (ed.), Bergvinson David (ed.), Gaur Pooran (ed.), Kumar Shiv (ed.), Beebe Steve (ed.), Tamò Manuele (ed.). Achieving sustainable cultivation of grain legumes. Volume 1: Advances in breeding and cultivation techniques. Cambridge : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, p. 243-255. (Burleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science, 35).

There is currently renewed interest in intercropping in Europe in order to achieve sustainable, ecological or eco-functional intensification of agricultural production, particularly in organic farming. This chapter summarises data from over 50 field experiments undertaken since 2001 on cereal¿grain legume intercropping in 13 sites in Southern and Western France as well as in Denmark using spring and winter cereal¿grain legume intercrops. The chapter addresses the effects of intercropping on yields and quality, the agronomical performance of intercropping and cultivation practices in intercropping.

Mots-clés : danemark; france

Thématique : Façons culturales; Culture des plantes

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