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Compared analysis of sulfur, nitrogen and heavy metal compounds of solid recovered fuels air gasification at pilot scale

Vonk G., Vaitilingom G., Piriou B., Wolbert D., Cammarano D., Houée P.. 2018. In : Persson M. (ed.), Scarlat N. (ed.), Grassi A. (ed.), Helm P. (ed.). Proceedings of the 26th European Biomass Conference (EUCBE). Florence : ETA, p. 478-485. European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 26, 2018-05-14/2018-05-17, Copenhagen (Danemark).

DOI: 10.5071/26thEUBCE2018-2BO.6.1

Air gasification of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) from wood, tire, plastics and sewage sludge has been performed in a pilot fixed bed reactor. As wastes contain pollutants precursors, it is of great interest regarding technical and environmental aspects to study their behavior in air gasification. Five fuels have been studied: Poplar, SRF wood, and three different mixtures of SRF wood and 20% of either tire (mix A), or plastics (mix B) or sewage sludge (mix C). After confirming their capacity of substituting raw wood in order to produce synthetic gas (syngas), emissions analyses have been performed on syngas, condensable matter and remaining char. A focus on sulfur, nitrogen and heavy metals brought to light differences and similarities between different SRF and raw wood.

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