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Antimicrobial use policy in smallholders of LMICs: Mitigating adverse health and socioeconomic impacts

Roger F., Goutard F., Cardinale E., Bordier M., Peyre M.I., Ducrot C.. 2018. In : Abstract Book of the 15th International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE 15). Chiang Mai : ISVEE, p. 736-736. International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE 15), 2018-11-12/2018-11-16, Chiang Mai (Thaïlande).

Objectives: While there are numerous measures restricting the use of antimicrobials on livestock farms in industrialized countries, this is not the case in southern countries. On the contrary, their use has been boosted by the growing demand for animal protein and the boom in intensive livestock farming. One need to decipher the complexity and impacts on small farmers of the phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance and of the global strategies planned to fight it. Material and methods: To address the complexity of these issues, we drew on data obtained by research teams in the South and the North, which reflect the diversity of agricultural contexts and livestock farming systems. This research focuses on the implementation of technical solutions, methodological approaches and innovative surveillance mechanisms in different areas. Results: In both the North and the South, the major challenge is to implement policies enabling the reduction and rationalisation of antimicrobial use, through a set of actions and associated regulatory measures. However, it should be noted that the effective application of these policies is dependent on one key factor: minimising adverse health and socioeconomic impacts on the standard of living for farmers, especially in the most vulnerable regions. Conclusion: We suggest lines of research aimed at reducing or rationalizing antimicrobial use, in the interests of people in the most vulnerable regions and through a 'One Health' approach calling for interdisciplinary efforts on subjects ranging from genes to the human society in its environment.

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