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The Biomass dust-fueled engine

Stover L., Piriou B., Vaitilingom G., Rouau X.. 2018. In : Persson M. (ed.), Scarlat N. (ed.), Grassi A. (ed.), Helm P. (ed.). Proceedings of the 26th European Biomass Conference (EUCBE). Florence : ETA, p. 618-621. European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 26, 2018-05-14/2018-05-17, Copenhagen (Danemark).

DOI: 10.5071/26thEUBCE2018-2BV.4.5

Second generational biofuels offer the possibility of using biomass residues such as agricultural or industrial wastes for use in internal combustion engines. However, biochemical and thermochemical conversions to liquid or gaseous fuels require elaborate and expensive pre-treatment facilities. Decreasing the complexity, size and cost of these facilities can alleviate sourcing constraints, increasing implementation in a wide range of applications. Remaining in its original solid form, biomass powder is a simplified biofuel requiring only drying and milling which is technically and economically feasible at a wide range of scale. By exploiting its explosive character, we can operate a standard diesel engine directly on powder for energy generation. The demand for a low-tech biofuel along with advances in milling techniques motivates the idea of using biomass powder in an engine. In this paper we provide experimental proof by operating a diesel engine on fumigated Wheat Straw and Pine Bark dust each for 35 minutes. Emissions, operational performance and combustion data show that biomass powders from agricultural residues should be considered for use as an adaptable technology for existing engine installations.

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