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Vectopole Sud, a French Network of platforms for research in medical, veterinary and agricultural entomology

Baldet T., Chandre F., Deme I., Eychenne M., Grucker K., Huber K., Lagneau C., Lefrançois T., Ravel S., Scheid B., Setier Rio M.L., Simard F., Solano P., Trevennec O., Volkoff N.. 2018. In : 21st E-SOVE (European Society for Vector Ecology) Meeting Abstract Book. Arthropod Vector Science for the benefit of society: Educate, Empathize, Engage. Palermo : ESOVE, p. 70-70. E-SOVE (European Society for Vector Ecology) Meeting. 21, 2018-10-22/2018-10-26, Palermo (Italie).

Six institutional partners, CIRAD, CNRS, EID Méditerranée, INRA, IRD and the Univer-sity of Montpellier have been working together since 2010 on the issue of arthropod vectors of pathogens that cause infectious diseases in humans and animals, and insect pests responsible for damages to crops. This collaboration for over 8 years has resulted in the creation of ¿Vectopole Sud¿, a Montpellier network of platforms dedicated to re-searches on arthropods of medical, veterinary and agricultural importance. The network draws from the infrastructure and expertise of each partner to improve early warning systems, monitoring, control of pests and vectors in order to protect hu-man health, agriculture and livestock production. The network has received continuous funding by the French Government and the Occitanie Region enabling it to modernize its different laboratories and rearing facilities and support the research activities. Vectopole Sud includes four experimental platforms, confined insectariums and associ-ated laboratories, which are open to national and international partners. Overall, the Vec-topole Sud has a network of partners in Europe and tropical regions worldwide, notably through IRD and CIRAD, two French institutions supporting research for development. Vectopole Sud brings together over 400 researchers and technicians from five research units belonging to the Montpellier University of Excellence and Agropolis International scientific communities. It conducts multidisciplinary research and expertise on biolo-gy, public & animal health, ecology, environmental science, genetics, and evolutionary medicine. It contributes to a better environment, animal health and human wellbeing through an integrated One Health approach, by fighting human and animal diseases to ensure more productive and sustainable farming systems (food security). We will present the different platforms of the Vectopole Sud network, its various activi-ties (infrastructures, research, services and training) as well as its different perspectives.

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