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ELDAM, a new quality management system for LCI datasets exchange and review

Coste G., Biard Y., Roux P., Helias A.. 2018. In : Rattanawan Mungkung (ed.), Shabbir H. Gheewala (ed.). Book of abstracts of the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 2018 (LCA Food) "Global food challenges towards sustainable consumption and production". Bangkok : Life Cycle Assessment, p. 58-58. International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 2018 (LCA Food). 11, 2018-10-16/2018-10-20, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

When exchanging LCI data between LCA dedicated software, LCA practitioners often face technical restrictions of the software as well as potential lack of metadata on the datasets quality, limiting their reuse, update and improvement. To address these issues and facilitate LCI dataset exchanges within a community of scientists working on separate LCA software and LCI database, a set of data quality guidelines have been set up along with a tailor-made import-export and review tool for improving these rules applicability in an operational context.

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