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Cereal crops choices and economic resilience face to climate variability in southern Mali

Sissoko K., Savadogo K., Vaksmann M., Tiemtore A.. 2018. Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, 7 (1) : p. 116-126.

This study uses the production function approach to assess and compare resistance of millet, Sorghum and Maize facing climate variability in Sikasso and Ségou regions. A robust estimation of the multiple regression models with Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) method was used. Overall, the results show that: one of the major causes of the fluctuations of the chosen cereals' production is climate variability; cereals have different resistance level facing climate variability across regions; finally cereals are more related to climate in Sikasso region than Ségou region. At the sight of these results, setting up following policies was recommended: promotion of production system based on new agricultural practices to increase productivities in different areas and policies which promote ideal cultures for each region's agricultural development (regional specialization).

Mots-clés : analyse de régression; pratique agricole; système de culture; changement climatique; millet; sorgho; maïs; céréale; mali

Thématique : Météorologie et climatologie; Economie et politique du développement; Méthodes mathématiques et statistiques; Systèmes et modes de culture

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