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Ecosystem services for adaptation to climate change in mountains: Actors and worldviews

Colloff M.J., Lavorel S., Locatelli B., Martín-López B.. 2018. In : Book of abstracts of ESP Europe 2018 Conference "Ecosystem Services in a Changing World: Moving from Theory to Practice". San Sebastian : ESP, 5 p.. ESP Europe 2018 Conference "Ecosystem Services in a Changing World: Moving from Theory to Practice", 2018-10-15/2018-10-19, San Sebastian (Espagne).

Nature-based solutions are receiving increasing attention in the water management sector. There is a growing interest and awareness of the value of managing, conserving and restoring ecosystems for their role in regulating water and protecting watersheds. In the Peruvian mountains, some adaptation projects and programs emphasize nature-based solutions but face multiple challenges, for example the lack of knowledge on the effectiveness of such solutions and the diverging opinions on their relevance among decision-makers. In those projects, stakeholders have diverse interests in the implementation of nature-based solutions, in part because of their different interactions with ecosystem services. Using mixed methods, this study analyses options for adaptation and water management in the Andes in Peru. We propose a critical analysis of decision contexts on adaptation and water management and the implications of adaptation options on ecosystem services and equity. We identify different doctrines and preferences for technological or ecosystem-based options and relate them to stakeholder worldviews. The contrasting discourses on whether adaptation should be based on ecosystems or infrastructure can be associated with different conceptions of equity and different opinions on the role of government, communities and the private sector in water management. We also explore whether some options are favoured by decision rules and power relations. Analysing the interactions between stakeholders and ecosystem services and understanding the trade-offs between ecosystem services can help explain the different positions in favour or against nature-based solutions. This research highlights the importance of power relationships in adaptation decision-making, as such relationships favour the values and knowledge of some stakeholders and give priority of their preferred adaptation options.

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