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Measurement errors in forest inventories and comparison of biomass estimation methods

Castelo A., Guedes M., Sotta E.D., Blanc L.. 2018. Revista de Ciencias Agrarias, 41 (3) : p. 861-869.

DOI: 10.19084/RCA18073

Accurate quantification of above-ground biomass (AGB) in managed forests requires: consideration of inventory errors and the use of local or large-scale allometric models. In this study we focus on the measurement errors, data collection errors and we compared different methods to estimate AGB in managed tropical forest. The data were collected in 15 plots of 100 x 100 m. We evaluated the errors of the forest inventory of 8.898 trees. We used four methods to estimate AGB: three methods which use a pan-tropical equation, which depends on wood density data, with different ways of integrating the wood density data (obtained from dataset of the Brazilian Forest Service, Jari and Global Wood Density Database - GWDD); and one local equation. The main inventory errors were: problems with the same tree being identified as a different tree in consecutive measurements (16% of the trees). AGB estimates using each of the four methods were significantly different.

Mots-clés : inventaire forestier; biomasse; densité; bois; forêt; forêt tropicale; aménagement forestier; brésil; densité du bois

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