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Charcoal Produced from Mangrove in center Thailand

Kajina W., Junpen A., Garivait S., Kamnoet O., Rousset P.. 2018. In : ¿Technology and Innovation for Global Energy Revolution¿. Bangkok : SEE, p. 135-138. International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE2018) ¿Technology and Innovation for Global Energy Revolution¿. 7, 2018-11-28/2018-11-30, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

In Thailand, Charcoal has been used as a fuel in the household for a long time especially in the rural area. Mostly charcoal is produced from both woody biomass and agricultural residues. For the last decade, the consumption of charcoal has been increasing. This study investigated the Thai's charcoal producing practices in order to assess the type of biomass and technologies used by local producers. Based on charcoal production data collected, the Central region with Yisan in Amphawa District has been identified as one of the places with a high charcoal production potential. Charcoal is produced from mangrove plantations which remain relatively intact and good due to a sustainable management. The technology used by the 2 producers surveyed, are brick kilns using internal heating based on the partial combustion of woody mangrove. The average yields observed are quite high with 30-35% and 38-45%, due to a low pyrolysis temperature and short holding time. Chemical results revealed a fixed carbon comprised between 63-69%. The moisture and ash content are lower than 2 %. The HHV of charcoal ranged from 6200 to 6800 cal/g.

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